Tina Gonda

Business Developer, Mentor & Coach , Online Media

Hi, I am Tina Gonda and I love helping people launch their own business and shop for products that can improve quality of life

Tina Gonda's Bio:

Tina Gonda, CEO/Founder of Legacy Directors has over 25 years in the home business industry to include Coaching, Training and Business Development. Unlike a job where you trade time for dollars, Tina Gonda is the CEO of her own life.  Having the ability to get paid what you are worth is golden and Tina Gonda understands and has a proven success record of teaching leveraged income and business building skills. Tina Gonda loves helping people build a business from home to bring freedom and flexibility and income security. Tina has mentored people to build to a full-time career or an extra stream of income. Everyday activities turn into relationship building and an opportunity to create infinite possibilities in your life and what is sent into the lives of others.


Contact Tina Gonda at tinagonda@aol.com if you have interest in capitalizing on launching your own business all from a cell phone or iPad.  Tina has mastered it and can help you too if you are serious about making extra money and changing your life for the better.


Tina Gonda's passion is to find the best products that have improved the quality of her life from the "Inside and Out" so she invites you to shop with her for products that are guaranteed and that she endorses even if you are not looking for an opportunity.


"There is one quality which one must posses to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to posses it." Napoleon Hill



Tina Gonda's Experience:

  • Co-Founder at Legacy Directors, LLC

Tina Gonda's Education:

  • Fred T Foard and Catawba Valley

    Business Accounting and Administrative Assistant
    Concentration: Business Accounting
    Activities: Clubs, Varsity Cheerleader Captain, Basketball, Softball, Modeling, Choir

Tina Gonda's Interests & Activities:

Boating, Traveling, Fine Dining, Reading, Board of Directors For House of Giving, Community Outreach, Global Outreach, Business Leader Media 2010 Women Extraordinaire Award, Grow Charlotte Leadership Award, TV Commercial Talent